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Do you need a skilled workforce, either for your business in Croatia, whether for your business in the home country or around the world?

You know very well that the success of your company depends on the quality of your workers.

With us you have the best access to high quality croatian workers in IT, medicine, production, sales & marketing, construction and engineering and oil & gas sectors, for operations in Croatia or all over the world.



Croatia is the youngest EU member state and citizens of Croatia now enjoy privileges of open labor markets with minimal bureaocracy all over European Union.

Youngest EU member state has long tradition of work migrations and cooperation with West.

Among all the former communist countries of Eastern Europe, Croatia had the most open borders. Since 1960s Croats have been working in the countries of Western Europe, where they are known as hard workers. The Croats also for more than 50 years host turists from Western Europe.

about usIMA POSLA is young and energetic croatian staffing agency.

With our professional approach and knowledge of the market we have become partners of some of the largest companies in our region and the entire Croatia. We are headquatered in Rijeka but with operations all over the country.

Numerous people from all over the Croatia have found jobs with fair working conditions trough IMA POSLA employment agency. With that we have gained an excellent reputation among the Croatian job candidates and today we have an extensive base of candidates for various jobs.fields of expertise 1



Feel free to contact us for any questions and details of cooperation.

IMA POSLA d.o.o.

Employment agency

Riva 16

HR-51000 Rijeka

Republic of Croatia

Phone: +385 51 620 000

E-mail: eu.desk@imaposla.hr


skype: imaposla

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IMA POSLA Company Brochure